Cannot continue Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion

Hello friends,

I haven’t seen anyone else having this problem so I thought of requesting your help. Some time ago I started playing this game again after a long hiatus and I noticed something odd. My Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion was 10 but my Connected: Glass was 16 and I had no Connected: Shroud. After that I started progressing on the Bats and Cats card in Flit, eventually got my Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion at 20 and Connected: Shroud at 6 and in The Weekly Variety Bill chose Saturday, thinking that I would finally finish the story. However, nothing happened. I got no new card I could use and The Weekly Variety Bill card has disappeared. Is this a bug because of changes, that might have happened during my hiatus or am I missing something obvious?

The options under Weekly Variety Bill are the &quotregular&quot Mahogany Hall options that will always be available, they’re not directly connected to the Wars of Illusion.

Do you still have Connected: Glass, too? Because if you have, you should either be seeing a storylet called &quotBecome a double agent&quot (unlocked with Embroiled… 20, Shroud and Glass both at 6) or &quotSabotaging a Séance&quot (unlocked with Embroiled… 20, Glass 11 and Shroud 6) in Mahogany Hall. It’s probably gold-bordered, too.[i]

edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 2/26/2016

[color=#339900]Do send in a bug report, Mr.Constantine13 - this sounds familiar to me, but we’ll need to look at your character to help.[/color]

I believe I actually have a very similar issue, although I passed it off, assuming I had too low a stat or something. I’ll look a little more closely into my own character traits and get back to you as well if that’s alright.

Thank you everyone for your replies. There’s definitely no golden framed card that I can see, so I will send a bug report and move on from there.

Same problem here, I think. Got the three tinctures for unlocking the Saturday show, and then … nothing. “Variety is the spice of life” and “Weekly variety bill” options just all gone. Gutted as I was really looking forward to catching that Sunday show from the Kashmiri princess soonish!

You should send in a bug report as well then, at

That’s expected, if you still have the &quotday of the week&quot quality. You should instead see a bunch of storylets directly in Mahogany hall …
… except, you may need other qualities to see any of them. Saturday unlocks at embroiled 10.
What are your Embroiled in the wars of illusion, connected:shroud, and connected:glass qualities?