Candle not updating?

Is anyone else experiencing a bug where after completing an action, their candle doesn’t update to reflect the new total number of actions remaining (ie, if I had 10 actions and did a 1-action action, then the candle still shows a full candle)? The action change has happened (so if I use up all my actions, I still run into the zero-action message, and the candle updates properly if I refresh.

Yeah, I’m experiencing this as well. I submitted a bug report, and trust it’ll be fixed fairly soon. It also updates after you echo something, so if you don’t mind filling up your journal you can do that. It also updates if you change your equipment, and when you gain an action.
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I’m in the same boat, sent a support email of course ( IS the right support address, correct? Or should I be using the address? The distinction could definitely be made a bit clearer.)[li]
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If you go to the help tab and look at the section for bugs and typos you’ll learn that the email you want is

Same problem here.

Any or all of those emails will work but I believe the preferred one for continuity is
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I’m experiencing the same issue. I can also no longer edit the title text when echoing to my journal. Has anyone else experienced that?

Yes, I’ve experienced that as well.
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The candle problem appears to be fixed for me.

Yep, for me as well =)