Can you bring yourself back to life from death?

My wounds quality has reached 6 and I fear that I will be a corpse soon.Can you revive yourself from death and does it have any lasting effects?
Also I heard of some cider that made you immortal but the price seems impossible to reach.Does anyone even have it?

Dying gives you a quality that has no serious effects at this time, and yes you can revive.
Like five or so people actually have the cider.
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Yes, you can revive yourself from death, though it’s been long enough that I don’t remember the effects. Yes, people have Hesperidean Cider, though not many.

If you go to your Lodgings, though, you can rest and heal Wounds, or you can draw an opportunity card, so you don’t have to die if you don’t want to.

A couple of them received it as a reward from some extravagant real-world purchase (Kickstarter for one, charity for another). At least two got it by grinding in-game, though.

And yeah, without spoiling anything, you can get your menaces to 8 without deleting your character.

The following people are the ones I know have Cider. There might be more:

As far as I know, they all got it from in-game grinding.
NiteBrite had it from a very generous charity auction and then sold it for a Heptagoat and some fella whom I forget got it from the Silver Tree Kickstarter, but he doesn’t play anymore.

Worth keeping in mind: there’s some content that says you can’t get back to the surface if you die without being vaporized, but recent evidence suggests that anyone who hangs around in the Neath too long is subject to the same thing. So don’t be too worried about that, is what I’m trying to say.

Yeah don’t worry about dying. Unless you get some Cider you won’t be able to head up.