Can we get some kind of "Skeleton Maker" extension or something on the various browsers?

Ok first of all, well done to everyone making extenstions or updating old extensions for FL. Your work is appreciated. (:slight_smile:

I can only speak for myself, but with how complicated bone zone is, I’d love an extension where you can just set things like what you want to sell them for, whether or not you want to avoid implausabilty or avoid exhaustion ETC, and either the game will tell you how to make it/get the bones, who to sell to, how to equip the right items to sell to them etc (more feasable probably) or it will just go and make it if you have enough actions (less feasable probably). Bonus points if it includes a rat market option for when ratzone grinds is possible I guess.

Probably be a lot of work to do though, as it would be for making it for as many brosers as possible.


I’ve never used it myself, and it isn’t a browser extension, but Saklad has created a bone market solver: GitHub - Saklad5/Bone-Market-Solver: This script uses constraint programming to devise the optimal skeleton at the Bone Market in Fallen London.


There’s this Fallen London / Bone Market Calculator - Google Sheets which is an amazing tool!

After the rebalance and the cost of forelimbs, options are needed for those that gathered ribcages and horned skulls so here’s an example that I am using right now:

  1. Use 1 Mammoth Ribcage. The adjacent column tells you that this skeleton needs 1 skull, 4 limbs (wings, fins, arms or legs) and 1 tail.
  2. Add 1 horned skull
  3. 2 Fin bones and 2 Amber fins
  4. And finish it with a Jet stinger.

The lower part tells us the value and qualities of the skeleton and what type can it be declared (with the requirements for fast adjustments). Now, on the right, the list of possible sellers for our masterpiece!

You can take it even slower by playing with a copy of the sheet and try a brass lollipop (headless/of your own) and a brass skull.

With time, all aspects of the bone market won’t seem that overwhelming. I was in the same bucket and even a brass lollipop seemed quite a hassle.

Good luck!