Can the sun be repaired

So I’ve been delivering hours to the broken steward for a little while now and I was wandering if it is actually possible that the clockwork sun can be repaired? If anyone knows then I’d much appreciate any information on it.

Is there a quality that is rising or falling as you deliver cargo? Because noticing how FB’s reused system of qualities can give you glimpsed of some things, but I don’t know exactly how that works, being that I still need to get to buying this damn thing.

I gave her a few shipments of hours & she became completely in thrall to the sun - she abandoned her post & became convinced that the sun is perfect & doesn’t need fixing. It was pretty awful & not well foreshadowed. I don’t know what happens if you succeed in persuading her to give up, but I’d imagine that’s a better future for her than what I got.

I’ve noticed that a number of qualities have new effects at 3. Did the Steward lose it after 3 deliveries? If you convince her,

she resigns to keeping the sun comfortable, and if you go to the Royal Society you can talk to the chairman for a point of Establishment. He specifically mentions that they debated whether feeding hours to the Sun would help but decided that your meddling might have averted a catastrophe. I don’t know if the Chairman has anything to say if the Steward has her epiphany about THESUNTHESUNTHESUNTHES

The Sun needs no repairs, only praise! PRAISE THE SUN!
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In short, yes-ish. There are various tasks in Albion that will increase or decrease the Sun’s strength. Getting this to 100 unlocks an option on one of the Ambitions as the savior of the sun. However, the quality seems to decrease on its own even after hitting 100, so I assume this means the stoking, as it were, is only temporary.