Can The Student Body really return your soul?

After weeks of interviewing prospective assistants, I’m starting to have my doubts. I’ve found 3 starveling cats and quite a few bundles of misery, but have yet to see hide or hair of my misplaced element. Can anyone confirm these students are not too impoverished to meet my standards of bribery?

I’ve successfully done it, though that was shortly after the Bundle of Oddities value was moved.

Perhaps I am simply unlucky then, or my students are merely caught in the grip of increasing student loan rates.

Blast! I cannot do this due to completing the questline!

I ended up paying Fate to get my soul back. :( The worst part is that I was persuaded that I would never lose my soul by clicking on a particular card (because the probability was so low), but of course I was soulless with a single click.

Personally, I found the fate-locked soul-retrieval storyline well worth the expenditure - and not just because it got me my soul back. The story itself is interesting - and if you’ve got the right skills, you only need a single, rather minor investment of fate.

I dunno if it can be replayed in case you misplace your soul a SECOND time, though…

It can, but it gets more and more expensive each time you shell out the Fate. (Getting your soul back by random chance does not increase the cost.)