Can my I start a new game without losing my medal?

I want my buddy to try Sunless Sea but I have an autosave and haven’t lost the medal for never manually saving.

Is there no option for him to start a new game without me manually saving and losing the medal?

You might be able to just move your auto save file out of the saves folder so you can start fresh.
Its saved in the hidden AppData folder under your user folder. Ex:
C:\Users\Retalus\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Sea\saves

Then move it back when your done.

Excellent! It works perfectly.

They should consider adding a “profile” button to accomplish the same thing :)

It would certainly be a nice quality of life change! Hopefully it will be something they can implement sooner or later.

[li]I agree. I feel like a lot more people would use the &quotUnforgiving mode&quot if they had some way to switch characters reliably. Hopefully, it’s at least somewhat do-able (Call me paranoid, but I’m still a bit shaky every time I alter the game’s save files. So far I haven’t had any problems).

Well I mean it’d be very easy to automate the manual switching of autosaves the way we do it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a way to switch between Unforgiving mode captains. The complicated part would be figuring out a way to make the UI work really :P

Maybe if the &quotcontinue&quot option allowed you to select a character…