Can I buy Darkdrop Coffee with a subscription?

I have heard that, due to the temporary inactivation of the ability to tweet for echo-refreshes, active Exceptional Friends have gained something on the order of 35 Darkdrop Coffee. My question is: If I were to buy a subscription now, would such reserves of coffee be delivered to me? Or was it just for those who had an active Friend subscription at the time?

It was just for those who had it active at the time.

Ah, OK. Thank you.

Hmm. I do so hope this gets straightened out before my subscription runs out - because I don’t see much gain in subscribing only to get two candles. That gives me maybe 20 extra turns a day (one in the a.m. when I wake up and another 10 or so actions during the day).

I much prefer the echoing to twitter to the coffee - I loved having a good 40 turns at one time (full candles and a refresh) to really see my progress on something. It feels much more disjointed now that I can’t plan for a goodly number of uninterrupted turns at one time.