can a numeric qld show in a major lateral?

For example “Minutes to explosion:8”. Can I put [q:minutes] in the qld or will that not work? I suppose a menace does what I want but I’d like to use the same minutes quality for effects.

I think you probably mean a QCD - the message which displays when the quality changes in value?

From threads on this forum, I am fairly confident in saying that it’s meant to work (using the slightly different syntax “[level]”), but doesn’t. I certainly can’t find a way to do it, even though the mouse-over help suggests it’s possible.

It would be really helpful to have official confirmation, though, since people keep asking here - and every new creator is presumably wasting time scratching their heads over it.


[color=#009900]Sorry, gents, [q:name] should work in QCDs but currently doesn’t (I believe we changed the docs to reflect this, but only after it’d been wrong a while). It’s on the list to fix, but it’s surprisingly fiddly to do.[/color]

Thanks, Alexis.

There is still mouse-over text (next to the heading “Change Descriptions” on the edit-a-quality page) which suggests it should work. Removing that might avoid having to answer the same question again.

Which reminds me, on a tenuously related point, the mouse-over text next to “Order” on the edit-a-storylet page still contains a note to yourselves ;-) [the answer to the question being “lowest”].


I asked this question really poorly since I was typing on a phone outside with cold hands.

Essentially what I’m trying to figure out is how to display one quality and the level of another quality. Madness?

[color=#009900]No, but the good news is (reviewing roadmap now) we may be implementing Objective qualities which allow a progress bar to fill based on the value of a second quality.

The bad news is that they’ll only count up, not down (though we might later add Countdown qualities). [/color]

The purpose of this is that I would like to set a quality called “opponent” and a quality for “opponent health” and then show them together in the sidebar. The goal is that the enemy and their health can be set by different cards before tossing the player into a combat setting. So that sounds like it would work if the level description for one quality could display another.

Am I breaking StoryNexus again?

Goal output:

Mimotaur: 12

Where “Minotaur” is monster=8 and “12” is opphp=12

[color=#009900]I think what you’re describing would work if and when [q:name] works in QCDs/QLDs. It’ll happen, but not just yet.[/color]

Its essentially cosmetic. I know I can show them separately.

In which case if I want to order the qualities does order to show them together does order go high to low or low to high?