Cameo in Piranesi (Spoilers)

I just asked the Gallant Reformer about his fellow Chaplains, and I was pretty shocked to learn that one of them is an old friend from Sunless Sea.

All of the Chaplains are former prisoners. The Deformer served a lightless star before becoming inhuman, and the Conformer used to be an infamous pirate. The Glib Performer, meanwhile, was said to have fled London to escape a false god, and kept his clear blue eyes hidden behind a pair of dark spectacles. It’s kind of sad to see the Dark-Spectacled Admiral fallen so far. Finally, according to the Deformer, the Reformer was apparently an ancient and truly monstrous being, so much so that the prison was built to house him. I don’t know what or who he could possibly be, other than that he was responsible for multiple genocides and other depraved deeds. Any FL lore experts have an idea?

Edited with information learned from the Deformer.
edited by Lord Garuda on 11/5/2018

The Deformer is definitely a former servant of The Halved, though it’s hard to narrow it down since a lot of things served the Halved before and after its light darken. Masters, Devils, Grievers, Word-Eaters, etc.

The Conformer is a legendary pirate, specifically a piratess. That may narrow it down to two person: Pirate-Poet and Merciless Modiste.

As for the Reformer, no idea. I do wonder what the Deformer means by &quotTheft of hope&quot.

Also I wonder if the performer is there intentionally (or at least was placed there intentionally), considering a certain Princess of former inhuman qualities also used the service of Piranesi to change herself.

Maybe the Reformer served the Halved as well? A lecturer on the Berenger mentioned a messenger who determined the Halved’s current course and was punished. What if instead of death, the messenger was imprisoned in Piranesi? I’m kind of grasping at straws here - maybe if you ask the Reformer to take your place in prison and you know his secret you can find out more.

I never thought about the link between the Princess and the Performer. I feel for him a bit even though he’s sent me to prison multiple times now.