Calling All Fellow Soul Enthusiasts!

Greetings, dear Londoners. With the help of fellow enthusiast Reinhardt Siegfried, I have been undergoing a project to better understand the nature of the soul. Perfectly safe and moral, I assure you. Well, most of the time. Sometimes. Depending on my mood.



Due to the amount of resources required, the chronic insanity of all my laboratory assistants, the efforts of everyone in power to stop me, and my own capricious nature, it has been a slow and tedious process.

So, I decided to cut some corners!

If, in your travels, you have discovered absolutely anything of note about souls, please post it here. With your help I hope to publish my findings for the betterment of all. Well…the betterment of most. I can’t imagine the church will be too pleased. Or hell, for that matter. Ah, well.

I lost her on the Surface to an ordinary man. So who put the brass in her soul? Is the Bishop brass-bound as well, and the other barge veterans? Shall I twirl my fork for the Regretful Soldier and look for glints in what comes out?

A soul sold and found again. how? no devil could be so careless as to lose it, could they? but it feels exactly the same as the original, so it’s not a fake; unless it is, but flawless.

Fear not, for your spirit truly is renewed. Devils take pleasure in the touch of souls like fine wine, but are known to be rid of them soon after their sale. I myself have sold my soul two times now and have reclaimed it each time. While the trade of spirit and sulfur goes on and on and on and on, only so many things will restrict the sale of a soul: enhancements of the flesh from essence and rubber, the austere handling of infernal suitors, the sanguine stain on the metaphysical from a horror long forgotten…

It’s interesting to note that devils will gladly buy the same soul again as soon as it enters its original owner. Or possibly any other owner. Can a person have two souls?

What I would like to know is:

  1. What do devils do with souls once they have them, anyway? Is it just about the hunt, or is there some larger purpose? And
  2. Do devils have souls?

Souls. Fascinating concept.

Sometimes, a soulless person is a barely breathing human-shaped lump of meat.
Sometimes, they are sharper than ever. What dictates the change? The strength of mind? Someone’s willpower?

Are human beings the only one who have souls? Do cats, dogs, pigs have souls? Do the Masters have a soul?
And if it does exist, why does it seem that the Devils are seemingly uninterested in them?

Quite interesting questions. I can’t wait to look for the answers.

I know for sure that if you let them take yours, you get a lovely keepsake contract suitable for framing. And a very large handful of REMOVED DUE TO CONTRABAND NATURE and as much brass as you can carry.

Thus far have not noted any ill effects of losing my soul either, which is pleasant.

There’s some rather good stuff about souls in the latest Exceptional Story. Including some hints about the relationship of souls and honey, and how devils feel about the traffic in souls.

While I’ve certainly experienced the story, and it was most exceptional, I’m curious to hear about these delicious hints. I believe I heard them, myself.
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This one was my favorite:

Ah yes. London a hive, tinted with honey and filled with souls. Sounds very devilish to me.

Perhaps we should put quoted text in Spoilers - to more easily see which stuff is being copy+pasted, and what is our own additions to the discussion. ^_^

[spoiler]&quotHell’s chief export. You thought that was souls? No, they don’t export souls.&quot

  • Nevercold Brass flavour text.[/spoiler]
    Doing so would also help prevent any unintentional spoilers to newer players just glancing at the thread.
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Judging from Eddy’s work inside the walls of the hallowed Royal Beth, I’d say it looks like instability of mind can be cured by removal of a soul as well. At least, if the one man’s reaction was any sort of indication to the fact.