Buying stories for fate and buying fate for money

I have tried this game for a week now and I like it very much. And I am now in a position where I seriously considered buying fate for real money so that I could unlock some fatelocked story content. I am a bit discouraged by the fate packages that are on sale. To buy a fatelocked story you need either 25 or 30 fate (some cost more). Minimum fate package that can be bought gives you 22 fate? That’s 3 to 8 fate less than is required to buy most of the story content. IMHO this is a bit shady practice to force the player to either buy two packages or one bigger fate package to unlock one single story. I went from willing to spend money into unwilling pretty quickly.

Am I missing something? I do like the game, setting and atmosphere.

I have heard that FL is having by far the most player friendly monetization system in gaming industry but this does not look like player friendly to me.

In before some loyal fan decides to answer with insults or mockery - just, please… dont. I as a new player want to try out one story and I have zero interest to buy more fate than it is required to unlock one single story.

The system is generally weighted towards larger fate purchases and strongly encourages you to become a subscriber (only 7 dollars a month to get all future Exceptional Stories). Being a subscriber is a pretty good deal, regardless of what you think of the rest of the system.

Being a subscriber will allow you to play November’s coming Exceptional Story and judge things for yourself. If you don’t like what you get you can discontinue your Exceptional Friendship, having only paid seven dollars.
edited by Anne Auclair on 10/25/2016

I’m not sure whether you want to buy entire (former EF) stories, or whether you are thinking of playing some extra storylets that attract a fate price. Some of these are quite cheap, as little as 3 fate. You’ll encounter them in the course of ordinary play. (Special expeditions, for instance, are 7 fate each, though as a beginner you won’t have access to the Forgotten Quarter yet.)

Yes, it seems that being a subscriber is the best method currently to try the game out. It would be sweet if the subscriber packages also would contain a monthly fate allowance (like 5 to 10 fate). I will consider becoming a sub. Thanks.

Aye. Buying a subscription is indeed the wisest thing to do (of course, that too is kind of subjective to be honest). Speaking of buying things- is it me or have the prices for fate risen?

It’s player-friendly in that there’s enough free content for many months of play and nothing critical is gated behind the paywalls. There are no cases where you have to pay to finish a story or avoid an unfairly long grind. (Unfairly long being a grind purposefully made really slow and difficult to pressure people into spending money.)

The prices of Fate are the same for me as they’ve always been.

Weeeird! They are all a bit higher for me for some reason (and they weren’t yesterday when I bought some…)

Weeeird! They are all a bit higher for me for some reason (and they weren’t yesterday when I bought some…)[/quote]
They vary depending on the currency exchange, but it’s minimal. Well, unless a government collapses and Hell break loose! :D