Buying Fate via Big Fish Games

Since BFG is having a promotion for new customers I’d like to use the new299 coupon code instead of the new50 one that is provided on the ebz page. Would this make a difference in getting Fate? Is there something I’m supposed to do after making the purchase with BFG to tell ebz to send Fate to my account?

I would assume that using the new50 coupon is how you tell BFG that you’re using the EBZ promotion, and thus can get fate.

Is there any advice to be had in general on getting fate from the offers (li9ke, which ones to take, etc)? I’ve had mixed experiences- a lot of the offers do not offer a confirmation email, and others do, but those emails apparently are not counted by support as “confirmation emails”, and if anything goes wrong in the process you are SOL.

I also noticed that the surveys do not seem terribly responsive in terms of giving fate (I do know that you have to sign up and then fill out x number of surverys, etc, for some of the offers).

Ditto for certain app installs (I’m running out of those anyway).

On the other hand, Videos seem to always work for me, but those are as rare as Hen’s teeth (or Vake’s teeth :P)- and is it just me or did they remove the “click here to recieve your fate” button that appears after the video has finished? it seems like you just get the fate after a bit now, without having to click. In a way its reassuring but its also not reassuring because previously once you clicked that, the video would disappear, whereas now it doesn’t disappear from the list until you get your fate, so you can’t be sure if it went through or what…

[color=#330099]I think these issues are best reported via for the billing devs.[/color]

Alys is correct, but I wanted to add that we don’t deal with the Fate offers directly - SuperRewards, our payment partners do.

However we can exclude dodgy offers, so do please let us know if something is persistently failing to behave as it should, and we can block it.