Bug with the delightful archeologist?

So I was participating in some delightful archaeology in the Empire of Hands, and reached the point where I have to cross the snake pit. I decided to save it there and return later, as I had to get to work.

So I come back, reload the same save, and the expedition is nowhere to be found. I wonder if the snakepit is in some weird other place, so I head to the other islands, and in the council, I now have the option to throw tomatoes at a furious archaeologist. Frustrating, but no biggie, I can reload the autosave from when I first reached the island…No dice. Same deal - she’s furious, and the expedition is nowhere. Where did I go wrong?

It sounds like your save somehow skipped you all the way to the end of the storyline. I have no idea how something like that happens, hrm.