Bug - Solid Bats

This is my first post and I sadly start with a Bug I noticed.
When the poor girls’ mansion burned down I noticed that I was getting pushed around by a swarm of zeebats. I could turn off my engine and still move with their help. They have actually been faster than if I moved my little steamship by itself.
Im sure this way of transportation was not intended, though. I would have much rather have put them in my pot!

I could not encounter them from either side and they kept pushing me into isles.
edited by Edelkirsche on 7/7/2014

That happens if a beastie or ship touch you before you have cleared the docking circle. Do not turn off your engine just keep going and you will either outrun them or get the fight screen. Getting banged into the dock can cause serious damage to your ship.

This also happens if you flee. You get a small amount of freedom from combat but this can result in the enemy shoving your ship around.