[BUG] Rusty Locket

Okay, it’s not really a bug. It just seems very unfortunate to me that one of the most heartwrenching little story crumbs in the entire game can be missed entirely thanks to RNG ficklety and/or player impatience.

If you don’t get the SAY event in Empire of Hands that gives you a Rusty Locket before the Monkey Foundling stows away aboard your ship, you can never (with that captain, anyway) actually use it, nor learn how exactly this human child managed to survive among hostile monkeys. True, you can avoid meeting the Foundling until you have the Locket, but that is bothersome and gamey. Why not just avoid her stowing away until the Locket has been used?

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Wait, what? I figured there was a connection, but I got the person before the thing. Another thing for the next captain to do, I suppose.

Yeah, I’m with Jascob. I found the locket after she got on my ship, but I figured there was just something I could do later.

. . . weak.

I’m on about captain number 10 (5 of which have “completed the game”) and I didn’t know this. Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah. It’s really something people need to see, but it’s far too easy to lock yourself out of it.

Okay, I got the locket first but nothing was different. I chase her and she leaves me a relic outside the hut, nothing more. The locket doesn’t come into it for me no matter what order I do everything in. What am I missing?

You need to visit the island and her hut again after getting the locket

I’ll try again, thanks.

Yeh, there’s only a narrow window in which you can use it.

If memory serves you can’t even find it without having visited Ash Isthmus, then you need SAY in a specific range to find it at the main island. And then you have to meet her, and go back to the Isthmus before she sneaks aboard to… well, to see something.

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edited by Olorin on 3/1/2015

I got what I wanted, thanks again for making me aware of this. It was a nice touch story-wise.