Bug (plus can't email support)

I’ve tried emailing support@storynexus.com from three separate email addresses, but it bounced as spam each time. This is the bug report:

Both myself and testers are experiencing this bug in my StoryNexus world (it also appears to be happening in other worlds, but not Fallen London). Basically, quality changes are not showing up in the storylet branch result area, although the changes are taking effect. Quality test results are being shown, it’s just the results that aren’t.

StoryNexus not supported (sorry), but you might want to keep an eye on this thread: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic23289-heists-no-longer-hardreset-casing.aspx

No idea why your emails are bouncing though. Can you try creating a zendesk account and submitting directly?

Well, I’ve been a bit confused about this, as there was an email from Failbetter on 01/06/2015 which stated, amongst other things:

“We’ll continue to support StoryNexus as a free service to the community for the foreseeable future.”

But aside from that, game-breaking bugs seem to be fixed (there have been plenty of non-critical ones that I’ve not reported, such as branches with social actions being both visible and playable even without the required qualities). Anyway, it sounds as if this one is related to something in FL that’ll be fixed anyway.

I’ll try creating a Zendesk account and submitting it that way.

You can also DM me your email address and I’ll try to whitelist it. Zendesk is a spaghetti of options.

I think (and this is me speaking as a fellow SN user rather than a FBGer) that ‘supporting’ meant ‘won’t be turned off’. It’s not being upgraded or bug fixed, as far as I know.