Bug or working as intended?

About 4 hours in game strange thing started to occur. Fast respawning and multiplicating monsters/pirates. Mutton island was surrounded by more than 20 crabs constantly respawning and north of london full of small pirate ships that respawned in greater numbers (ie you shoot one and two more arrive). Tehy killed me after a while … Is it some sort of doomsday embeded in code? Or is it bug? There probably wont be many reports of this because it happens later in game but it was frustrating experience, not in a good way.
Anyone had same experience?

Yeah, that’s a bug, that happens occasionally - though I haven’t seen it recently. You can report bugs to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com!

Definitely a bug. I’ve only seen it happen once, when I had a field day with Moray Spawning Season in the Principles - thankfully it was late enough in game that I had a frigate and lots of Caminus guns, so it just meant an endless supply of fish dinners rather than instant death. But do report it - it’s not intentional ambushing!

Lifeberg packs FTW :)