Bug or endgame reward?

So I’ve been playing sunless sea for a short time now and have just caught my stride. Found every island, have a solid route going, etc. As I’ve progressed, I worked to establish a spy network in the Carnelian Coast and, on a whim, I returned ownership to the tiger natives. Having done so, I collected a piece of intelligence to sell back home and decided to repair my network and collect one more bit of info. I waited a short time off the coast and piloted back to port with a new story waiting.

At this point, I believe something either went wrong with my copy of the game, or I have discovered the single best way to obtain money in the game. Every time I’ve tried to improve my network, I came upon the same opportunity: To use either a judgement egg or searing enigma to improve the network. Every time I’ve selected the enigma option, completely repairing my network at no cost, as the enigma isn’t consumed. At which point, I collect my info, pilot a few feet out of the dock, lather, rince, and repeat.

So far, I’ve collected about three thousand echos after about 10 minutes, and it’s cost me about 100. Am I exceedingly lucky while repairing my network? Is this a reward for those favoring the original owners? Either way, this certainly makes my wealth ambition much easier to achieve.

Yep, that’s a bug! I’ve reported that one myself, but nonetheless, it’s a good idea to pop a bug report to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com with your current version number, and let them know it’s affecting you.

Thanks for the prompt reply, will do!

Yeah it sounds like that should consume the enigma, that’s probably a bug.

It’s actually a double-whammy, or perfect storm, depending on your point of view. It not only doesn’t consume the enigma, but it also doesn’t reset the network request. If it did one or the other, it probably wouldn’t be so utterly game-breaking, right?

I gotta say, trifling bugs like this aside, I adore the Carnelian Coast content. The Banded Prince, the competing empires, the whole story - just so cool!

Yeah, I really like the Carnelian Coast. I want 10,000 stories to be added to it because it seems like it has so much potential. Let’s get more Cattie action going! A cattie officer? That’d be cool. Expand the sapphire hunting into more of a &quotWisp Ways&quot exploration? Man, I want me some more Carnelian Coast!

Though, that said, if more content ends up there, I kind of want the spy game there to be tougher so it stays in Limbo longer. Though I did find it’s network expansion options tougher than the Khanate, you can basically bring it to a conclusion once you do, and that feels like it limits the area, story wise. Though it’d be cool if once you use your network toward a faction there, it led to some new stories based on that, especially if you go with Cattie independence.

Also: they always said &quotCatties&quot in the plural. Is the singular form &quotCattie&quot? or &quotCatty&quot? Or do they have another, more formal name, like Rattus Faber?

Catties are people on the isle of cats, and not cats.

I don’t think the locals in the Carnelian Coast are actually called anything but tigers.
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[quote=WormApotheote]Catties are people on the isle of cats, and not cats.

I don’t think the locals in the Carnelian Coast are actually called anything but tigers.
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I see. Thanks!

So the Tigers are just tigers then? Not a Tigris Felinus or something latin-y?

When you’re already a tiger, you don’t really need to be anything else. “Tiger” is already an apex noun. It doesn’t need embellishing. That said, -individual- tigers do get grand titles, but that’s just them distinguishing themselves from other tigers - they already know they’re better than everyone who isn’t a tiger.

(Also, I love the detail that, if you return control of the Coast to the Banded Prince, his staff start wearing striped uniforms.)

Tigers being able to talk and govern cities and stuff is sort of just a Neath thing. Possibly because of Parabola or the Mountain of Light. There’s a lot of animals like that, and the only one I’ve seen called anything special is Rattus Faber.

Thing is, I’m pretty sure the only animals to have both regular and specially-named variants are the same ones to have talking and non-talking variants - rats and monkeys. I’ve got a long-standing, unproven theory that it’s the same factor that makes the difference in both cases - rattus faber might not practice spirifage, so far as we’ve seen, but perhaps they’ve been spiritually enhanced by some other means, by accident or by design?

HAH! :):):):):)
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