Bug: New Stories not so Available

Esteemed fellow captains (and honoured FB staff passing by),

Much as I yearn to read and play the latest batch of New Stories that was released, it seems I cannot! When I click &quotNew Stories Available&quot, and attempt to login to my Fallen London account, the game just won’t let me type in my password. The whole password area: unclickable. And un-tabbable (should that be a word?).

Has anyone here encountered this issue before? Is there a way around it?

Thank you in advance! :)

I can’t access the new stories either, but my problem is I can’t ever finish downloading them.

Hello and thank you for answering!

Yes, I have, just before I registered for these forums. :) I am well aware bug reports are best addressed to, well, the actual bug report service. (To my amazement, I got a reply this very morning! Such efficiency. I love Failbetter Games a little more every day.)

I was just hoping people around here might have encountered this issue before and/or have tips to go around it. Which leads me to the most interesting part of your answer–

Tell me a secret, Truthseeker. <3