Bug in need of a workaround

I loaded my autosave today at FL, and now I can’t click the &quotgo&quot button at the &quotA Breath of Relief&quot entry in the gazetteer, which means my save is locked up. Tooltips still appear, but the game is otherwise frozen.

Additionally, after trying windowed mode, I can’t get the game to go back to fullscreen mode via the options menu.

Does this mean I’ve effectively lost my save?

I have the same problem but it won’t solve. I reainstalled the game, deleted the save, nothing works ! I can’t click on Go, i can just move the icon of my officer… Does anyone has a solution for this ?

It’s an issue since the last, recent update. Affected me, too.
More complaints about the same issue (not being able to click/press buttons like “go”) is being reported in Sunless Sea’s Steam forums/discussion area.

Hey folks! Make sure to report bugs to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com - that way Failbetter can best figure out what’s causing them and make sure you can get back to playing.

Yeah, sent 'em an email. I hope it’s resolved soon.

Yupp, latest patch had a little to much tweaking so the connection to the ‘Go’ buttons dislodged. ;)

Just sit tight, take a break or sumthin while they work their bizarre coding rituals, offering deamon fish and old socks to Salt & Storm to reconnect the buttons.

Hi everyone! I also have the same issue after installing the patch. My game also doesn’t respond anymore. the mouse can be moved but thats about it… can’t click anything…

Heh, now the “go” button works but the “continue” button doesn’t seem to. That was quick, nevertheless.