Bug Database Access for Players?

So, I sent off like a lot of bugs in an email the other day, and have some more I want to send today.

But isn’t this all horribly wasteful if these bugs are duplicates FBG has already received reports on?

I mean, I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time (or my own) reporting stuff you all know about already (wasting time is what these forums are for. That and fanon based poetry recitals).

I suppose this is a feature request - of a sort - but is there anyway FBG could clone their testing database and create one with public access for those with an account so that we can at least see if bugs have been entered or not.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me. Because I was an actual tester a bad career choice or two ago, but sending emails blindly is just so . . . inefficient.

It’s official Failbetter word that duplicate bug reports are actually better - they help let them know how widespread these bugs are, what factors are involved, and so forth.


Wow. I mean. I just know some database managers whose heads would explode at the mere concept.

Well, thanks. I’ll write out that email when I get the time.

You can however see your own past bug reports at https://failbettergames.zendesk.com/ if you have your email linked to your Fallen London account. Useful for seeing the status of your bug reports, who has been assigned the task of addressing them, etc.