BUG: Can't end game :( SPOILERS for Father's Bones

After a good forty hours sunk into the game, my latest captain finally found my father and returned him to London with 8000 echoes. I paid his 6000 echo price and was then able to choose legacies…

Except I couldn’t choose legacies! The same story dialog for paying my father’s debts popped up over the legacy screen, and I couldn’t choose a legacy to actually win the damn game! Restarting the game made things worse - the legacy screen in the background was gone, but the story dialog for returning my father was back. Except I now only had 2000 echoes and had to let him go get killed…

**** that. I won the game, but I didn’t actually get to see the ending because the game glitched out :( Please fix this…

What background did you choose for your character?
edited by Olorin on 3/15/2015

That definitely sounds like something to put in a bug report = I think the exaltation end had the same problem before.

[spoiler] you can only find your father as a natural philosopher.[li]

Exaltation definitely had this problem; I haven’t checked again to see if it’s been fixed but it happened to me whe I finished exaltation.

Which wasn’t a big deal since i was planning to start over in Invictus Mode anyway, but.