Browser extension: Chandlery for Fallen London

Delicious friends!

I’m happy to present to you my little helper extension for Chrome.

Chandlery for Fallen London

Download: Chrome Web Store
Source code: Github


As long as your Fallen London tab is open, Chandlery will monitor and update the tab title with your current number of actions and Opportunity deck cards.

So if you have, say, 16 actions and 5 cards in your Opportunity deck, the tab title will be &quot(16) [5] Fallen London!&quot. As an extra bonus, if your tab is pinned (and does not show the title), the tab will subtly animate whenever the title changes (default Chrome functionality).

It will also optionally show desktop notifications when your candle or deck are full. The idea is to alert you that you start losing potential actions/opportunities because your pool is filled. This is enabled by default for actions.

The extension works by observing an open Fallen London page, no requests to the server - it stops updating if you close your tab (and stops updating the deck count if the deck is not visible).


Version 1.2

  • Extension no longer requires a FL reload on install/update.[/li][li]Reworked options page, added changelog viewer.[/li][li]Implemented Chrome Sync for options (with optional override).[/li][li]Made notifications reappear only if there’s a new alert.

Version 1.3

  • Able to set your own thresholds for notifications.[/li][li]Less notification spam about situations you were already warned about.

Future plans / Known bugs:

Far-future plan is to adapt the extension for WebExtensions platform / Firefox when those release (August or later).

Feedback is very much welcome. If you have an idea (as long as it does not automate anything) or a bug to report, do it here or, even better, on Github issue tracker. Extension is open-source, so if you can improve something yourself and send a patch - it’s great.

Oh, and if you can find/make a better icon for it, it’d be marvelous.
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That is quite useful for me, thanks a lot

Cool idea, thanks!

This is very helpful! Thanks!

This is really great! Thanks! :)

The extension has been updated to version 1.2.1
Your Chrome should pick it up in the next few hours.


  • Extension no longer requires a FL reload on install/update.[/li][li]Reworked options page, added changelog viewer.[/li][li]Implemented Chrome Sync for options: configure your extension once, get the configuration synced across your Chrome installs. It’s possible to override it if desired.[/li][li]Made notifications reappear only if there’s a new alert: The notification should appear less often if there’s noting new to say. It will still remind you that your deck is full when you return.[/li][li]Fixed opening a new tab from notification if FL was closed.

Future plans: Now that I tackled the options sync, I probably will work on adding custom alerts (&quotAlert me when I have N actions&quot and &quotAlert me when I have enough actions for [choice]&quot).

I very much appreciate the positive feedback expressed in this thread! Consider also rating the extension in the Web Store.

Can’t wait to give this a try, thank you!

Quick note to affected users: the fact that the extension icon now appears in your toolbar is something outside my control.

You can safely hide the icon, as it is currently not used for anything.
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Really nice! Any plan for a Firefox version?

I would rather wait for WebExtensions than port it. But that’s some ways away yet.

If you are ok with a much simpler userscript there’s this:

Delicious friends!

The extension has been updated to version 1.3. Web Store is processing it now, and it should reach your installs in a matter of hours.

First off, it will not annoyingly notify you for a situation you knew already (for instance, notify you again that you have a full deck after you return to the main tab) unless it witnesses it change. In short, it should notify you exactly once per limit reached, until you spend Actions/Cards.

And secondly, I implemented a setting when you can set a certain threshold of candle/deck upon which you want to be notified, in addition to notification about being full. Open the options to try it - the extension will even helpfully suggest you do so when it gets updated.