Broken image - side effects of the website update?

As of yesterday, image links in many Storynexus games stopped working. This includes even default UI elements:

I still don’t have the deviless on the FL main page.

The images in the menu are also messed up for me, but all the rest are working fine.

[color=#e53e00]We’re aware the menu needs fixing (should be fixed now) - is there still an issue with the side bars?[/color]
edited by babelfishwars on 2/21/2018

Thank you for looking into it - the menu is indeed fixed now!

Images in sidebars, header, Sometimes decks, branches, QLDs and the editor itself are still broken, though:

edited by Passionario on 2/21/2018

All those things are still fine for me. Weird!

In terms of Fallen London problems, the picture for an empty deck does not show up for me.

Upon inspection of the page elements for games that still work fine and those that don’t, it seems that somehow the address lines for the latter got mangled.

Lethophobia banner (works fine):

Brexit banner (broken):

Note that & somehow got moved to the start of the address line.


It seem that themes in the affected games are broken in the same manner:

edited by Passionario on 2/22/2018

Ditto that.

Thank you for fixing it. Much appreciated. :)