Broken First Curator? Apocyan Page

I have both blue scintillack as well as the Apocyan chess piece however when I go to the first curator I don’t have the option to give him either of these items for the Apocyan page. I double checked and I definitely don’t already have this page. Is this just broken for me?

If I am correct, (and I might not be, I haven’t played Sunless Sea in a while) you get all the pages when you start the Neathbow quest, then you lose them as you turn in relevant items. So, not having the Apocyan page means you’ve already turned in something apocyan at an earlier date.

According to the fandom wiki site, that is correct’s_Manse

You’re given all the pages when you accept and lose them as you hand in something for each one.

I took a long break and just came back so I totally forgot! Thank you so much I was worried it broke on me hahaha

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