Brisk Campaigner

Love the new story update, I had just one little downer as (Spoiler) she literally died two seconds after confessing her sickness and proposing the cure. Is there any way to get her back like the magician who can be recruited time and time again after he flings himself overboard or is the &quotthis is the last you hear of the campaigner&quot meant to be for real?

I’m honestly disheartened by this turn of events myself, she was one of my foremost officers because of her bonus to Iron. I can’t get out of the harbor without her dying no matter how many times I save and reload. Perhaps I should just start a new game and retire my current character?

That sounds unfortunate. She died on me a couple of times but I was able to get around it by reloading from last save and trying again - the time seemed to be random. If you can, get to Whither ASAP and grab a couple of pieces of muterzalt before you go trying to get her other quest items.

I’d be pretty sad if she never showed up in the “Someone wants to Sign On” generator. After all, if the Genial Magician jumps off the boat due to terror, he is regainable.

Huzzah, thanks to the new update our beloved and way too early departed officers can be revived out of their watery graves! We just have to fork over a freighter full of scintilack, seven treasures and an enigma to the Fathomking and they are as good as new albeith a little soggy.

Since I’m quite far from having those funds until I slayed two dozen lifebergs I’d be really glad if someone who already did it could tell us whether the Campaigners problems come in effect after being revived or one is granted time to gather the ingredients of the cure.

I was excited at first, but the price is incredibly steep. Honestly, I did like the woman but not that much. If I can redo her story on a second play-through then I will just opt for that. However, in the event that she is not available on a second playthrough using a Legacy start then I suppose that I’ll find a way to scrounge up all of those treasures.

The same feeling struck me, I kind of want her back just for the story but I also don’t want to abbandon my most successful captain.

I think they’ll need to rebalance the price, since most ships can’t even carry that much stuff around. Same goes for the Principles treasure hunt reward who pretty much forces the captains of small ships to dump half of the hard won fruits of labour into the zee.