Brisk Campaigner Storylet

How might I get this started? I spoke to her (mutersalt) but there appears to be no more interaction possible. I took her to Varchas to work in the hospital, but still nothing. Is it just a random event? Or is there something that triggers the next step?

Go back to london. After a certain Time value passes, a random event will trigger.

thank you!

What are you doing here?! Get some more Sunless Sea videos uploaded on youtube!! Your voice! It soothes!!!

Hahaha, researching the brisk campaigner for my next video, obviously!

If you haven’t picked an officer to fraternize with, I might suggest the Campaigner? She is fine.

edited by Owen Wulf on 2/17/2015

She didn’t like me.

It’s okay, if I need to strike up an affair on the low zee with a businesslike officer who’s absurdly into their work, I can always start something with the Mechanic. The default text on his “Speak to” page is so much more welcoming anyway. Hmph.

She is instantly available once you upgrade her after her story-chain.

No, I know. She was the very first Officer whose storyline I ever followed. But after we’d been carrying on for a little while, she decided &quotit wouldn’t work out&quot and ended it quite – briskly.

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Oh, I did not know that could happen. Hmmm…