Brisk Campaigner - Fake Firing Range

So I started playing again after a while. I get this story message for the Brisk Campaigner. Apparently she’s sick now. That’s just great. I talk to her and find out that her soul is burning up or something and that she needs some things to fix her. Of course I set out to get those things for her, being the caring captain that I am.


1 second later I get another story message, this time saying that she died of her illness. That’s just great, tease me with the prospect of being able to do something about it and keep my captain and than crush my hopes immediately. I think this way of doing it is ridiculous, I had absolutely no way of saving her. I basically needed to have the stuff she needed to get well right away, when I first found out that she was ill. So I would have had to get the medicine before I had learned that she was ill. That is just so backwards I can barely believe it.

The battle change, damn the combat… Combat has become absolute suicide. The worst choice you could make for your captain, ever. And an enormous loss of money waiting to happen.

-You don’t start your firing solutions until you’ve practically rammed enemies, making it way more easy for them to ram you.
-After you’ve started combat, best get ready for either running away like crazy so that you don’t get rammed or eaten to death, and/or run around in circles until you’ve beaten the adversary.
-You are practically throwing your fuel and supplies away when you engage in a combat. With a bigger ship/bigger engine you can easily devour 3 fuel and/or supplies before you’ve downed a baddie. That’s a 60 echoes (minimum) price tag for bagging a lifeberg or something like that. Absolutely not worth it at all. And if you don’t do it that way, you’d best get ready for dinner, cause you’ll be one.
-It’s practically a necessity to buy an aft gun, which is one of the many badly explained items in the shops in FL
-Or you have to be very disciplined and do only 1 battle per run, which immediately maxes out all the damage that you can take on your ship. Fighting multiple monsters during one run has become as tedious as it is ill-adviced.
-Getting supplies from monsters during a trip has become much harder, since you are sacrificing hull integrity and fuel+supplies (since it’s impossible to sneak up on monsters and insta-kill most of them) for it. Long trips have become more costly therefore. You can kill way less monsters per trip and it costs you much more to do so.
-At least repairing has become cheaper
-Ships have become way easier to battle since you can just sail behind them and pump as much cannonballs in them as possible.
-Ships maneuver really badly, making you chose between losing your firing angle or getting eaten/rammed/shot at by an enemy.

Maybe I’ll be able to figure out some tricks to make combat more bareable. As it stands, it seems suicide when you start and it seems economic suicide when you’re further along.

The Brisk Campaigner’s illness gets worse the longer you’ve been playing - so, if you’re loading up an old game with a lot of play already put into it, then she will, alas, already be dying. You’ll have to either start a new game, or barter with the Fathomking to get her back. Price one pays for playing Early Access, I’m afraid!

Thanks for explaining that bit about the Brisk Campaigner. I think something like this happened to me before with the Magician’s storyline. Anyway, pausing the game for these stories might be a good thing to implement, if it weren’t already on the agenda.

Seems a bad choice for how to do it, newly added quests should start such counters when they are added to your game…

The thing about combat I had to have explained to me is that it’s possible to initiate firing solutions before they happen automatically - and yes, that is not explained anywhere. Still: when you sight an enemy, pause the game; click on said enemy (cursor will be a crosshair). If desired, plan your path of action. Then unpause the game. You’ll start filling the solution boxes immediately - much more survivable!

Wow, thanks Ewan. I totally missed that. I’m sure doing what you suggest will make battle much more bareable and profitable.

Thanks again. Totally missed that you could do that.

You can also press Tab to target the nearest enemy. Either way, it lets you start combat before the enemy has started targeting you!

I did not know this, and appreciate your help, sir.