Bringer of death and Theological husbandry Spoiler

I’ve decided to back up Bishop in his crusade (quite some time ago) against hell, upon this choice I’ve received massive boost to Bringer of death from 0 to 34 and I don’t quite understand why. From what I understand you get this quality for permanently killing people something I’ve avoided but upon this choice despite I haven’t killed anyone (at least permanently and human, possibly some kills indirectly or directly were dealt to devils and other entities after but didn’t increase quality). Issue is that my character is treated as a murderer/killer by some cards such as skeins of blood in state of confusion that seems to state I’ve murdered people by stating it had happened in a dream, again. Something that doesn’t really make sense if you didn’t and only got this quality via Theological husbandry.

Basically, you help an idiot of a Bishop to reignite the war with Hell, with all the collateral damage this slaughter will bring, and this is your fault - without you he was going nowhere.
edited by Aro Saren on 7/25/2020

Well, that’s obviously expected that in war there will be casualties, however war casualties (unless perhaps on opposite side argument could be made) are hardly a murder as you didn’t kill them yourself and arguably depending on nature of war those being willing combatants, you just lead people into the circumstances in which they could be killed. Even if we assumed one could call it a murder, it would be still a murder that would take place in a distant future so you still didn’t murder anyone to justify some of descriptions within the game due to having this trait.

I think you’re right in your assertion that it’s not really murder, but the quality is called ‘A Bringer of Death.’ Even if you didn’t kill them directly or immediately, you still helped in bringing about their future deaths by encouraging the bishop to go to war.

The whole ‘certain cards treating you as if you’re a murderer thing’ is just some unfortunate crossover, as ordinarily you can only get ‘A Bringer of Death’ increases from killing people. The Bishop’s story is an add on to a fate-locked option, so it was probably made at a later point in time than the skeins of blood card.

Well, that’s bit more acceptable description but still not consistently applied one. If helping to contribute to events where people would die (likely permanently) then there are whole slew of activities that should increase that quality. For an example by mere advancing liberation of the Night, supporting revolutionaries etc should increase that quality. In addition it’s not even that you’re encouraging Bishop to go to war (it’s other way around) it’s just that you aid Bishop in his efforts to wage a war against devils.

If that’s the case they should change description of the card as it’s not applicable to all characters breaking immersion (although to be fair game has some issue with it due to nature of some repeatable “grind” activities) .