Brief Question about Discoveries

I’ve come across half a dozen or so homesteads floating about. They had platforms and lights that looked like docks, but none of them had any interactions or mechanical effects. Am I missing anything?
edited by Malcolm Harris on 2/1/2018

nope, you’re not missing anything, those aren’t what you’re looking for.

Discoveries are small interactible objects. Like floating crates of fuel/supplies, mineable rocks, searcheable trainwrecks.

Spectacles are large, grand things, that always seem to come with some floatytext when you get near. they’re kinda special

the various homesteads are just background scenery afaik. Some of them count as discoverable locations (small xp bonus) but they have no function beyond that

The new patch notes do mention &quothomesteads&quot as part of the new discoveries in the update in the same sentence as the rocks you can mine, the flotsam, the hives, etc. All those others are things you can interact with, so it isn’t unreasonable to assume there are homesteads with some interactive function too.

Haven’t found anything new of that nature myself, so I can’t be sure.

According to the L & S Preserve, Ants newly introduced to humankind can apparently be found at homesteads. I’ll keep looking.

It said that before the update, and also mentioned Old Tom’s Well before it was implemented, so it’s no guarantee that there are actually any ants to be had in the game yet.

I believe there’s most likely still several pieces of content for L&S that are unimplemented

however old tom’s well now IS implemented, and you can scoop up some ice from the pitchkirk.
In my map, the well and the reserve are right next to each other, first research task is going to be real easy

You can interact with some homesteads. There’s no visual indication, as far as I can tell, but I went near one and it gave me a “dock” option that allowed me to choose one of several options to do at the homestead. Ants were an option.

Ah, right. I shall keep an eye out for that. Thanks.