Brass Embassy Guest Room

I just started playing the game a few weeks ago, and my character’s already become pretty attached to Hell, so I think it’d make sense for her to seek out a guest room at the Brass Embassy as a home. The problem is, I can only find one consistent source of the souls (and, by extension, the brandy) I need to buy the room – the spirifier in Ladybones Road. Are there other, more efficient sources available anywhere?

Yes. More efficient sources of items open up over time; the most efficient at endgame averages 60.5 souls per action but you won’t be able to do that for a while. It’s really a question of what areas you have open and your progress through things like the Making Your Name trackers. Back when I got the guest room I did a lot of thefts in the Flit for the Brilliant Souls and Muscaria Brandy. (Speaking of which, it seems you’ve found the cheaper option available through the Hell faction card. It’s definitely cheaper than buying directly from the Bazaar, but the requirements a little more complicated.)

Thanks for the quick responses, guys! I’m not totally sure which of the methods you mentioned is going to be easier to experiment with, so I’m going to explore a little.

Edit: Optimatum, do you remember which thefts in the flit gave you the most souls and brandy?
edited by Drazenka on 7/18/2016

If you don’t mind me filling in, the option in the Flit is called Thefts of a Particular Character (found after a redirect in The Big Score: Choose a Target), which becomes available with your Name Whispered in Darkness quality at 4. You’ll need to build up casing for each theft, but luckily you get the loot whether you fail or succeed in the Shadowy challenge: that’s 25 Brilliant Souls or 5 Muscaria Brandy per theft.