Brandy New; how alone am I?

I just started my fall down the rabbit hole that is Fallen London. However, I stumbled onto it through my iPad, so that is my only experience with it. I am loving it so far!

There seem to be a fair number of things that require social action, so my big question is, is the game &quotcross-platform?&quot Is the browser based community available to those of us solely on iOS (or whatever mobile)?

If so, I would be happy to start up some friendships with people willing to be gentle to a newcomer! If not, can we start a sub forum here to get that started for the iOS users?

Welcome to our one, large, platform-integrated community!

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Links to both the new player’s thread and the find-a-friend threads are in my signature. But yes, the social action system here is platform independent and useful for menace reduction, so ask away.

Don’t worry. You’ll have a rum time and the iOS en-gin shouldn’t cause any techuila problems.

Fallen London’s community is massive and awesome, and most players actually use the browser version rather than the app. The iOS version was specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with it, so you can try it out at with your existing account and switch between them at will.

I actually feel that the iOS version is a bit rough right now: loading time is pretty awful even after the recent update, it is difficult to see details like the results of actions, and I keep opening the sidebar while scrolling through my inventory. If you are engaged enough to fall in love with Fallen London despite those flaws, I HIGHLY encourage you to try the original platform. I actually am using the browser version on my iPhone still, ironically.[li]

Oh, and feel free to add me or anyone else you see as a contact. Everyone is happy to help you out with whatever you need, and they’ll tell you politely if they don’t want your invites.
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This is particularly good advice. :-)

Welcome to the forums (and to Fallen London itself), HappyKatakuri!

Welcome, delicious friend! On the social action side of things various actions are currently disabled due to issues with the app, but the important actions like getting second chances and menace reduction are still open.

I’m new too, to Fallen London and the app :) I’m already addicted, and I’ve only just discovered the forum. I agree though the app is a bit ropey, I’m reporting bugs though. I’ve used it on the laptop too, but mostly the app. I’ve just realised by reading this I should just go the website on my iPad for a more seemless experience, correct?

Since the app lacks the try again button, that is what I would personally recommend, at least until an update changes that.

I’m in a similar boat- I finally made the plunge with the app, but it needs updating before it’s worthwhile (awful load times, bugs, desyncing, no try again buttons, things that can render it unusable)