Branch results continuously blanking

I thought this is as good a time as any to play through some of the more polished Storynexus games, particularly seeing that they might disappear completely in a not-very-remote day from the future. However, I often get blank screens when playing branches and yet they register as played, which makes it impossible to progress properly. I experience that both in Firefox and Chrome; Edge is straight-up nonviable for playing (not getting any hover text, for example).

I seem to remember that three years ago I played a couple of worlds, and I did have some issues with blank screens (and loading times), but whenever it blanked, the action wouldn’t register and I could play it again until I got a non-blank. It was annoying but bearable. I might be misremembering, though.

So… anyone else experiencing this? Any obscure option that I could disable/enable in my browser so that I don’t get blanks? I’m fairly sure the issue is exclusively server-side and there’s nothing I can do about it but thought I might as well ask.

I see that some older threads (2015, 2018) mention similar issues and they went either unanswered or got the issue magically solved (by Failbetter internet wizards, I guess).

I have very modest expectations of getting an answer but it upsets me knowing that those Storynexus games will be lost in the ether, if they aren’t already. Any help, thought or communal commiseration will be appreciated.
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edited by Vendae on 1/18/2020

There can be a few things that cause this, but they’re all server-side bugs and nothing to do with your browser. The current one, I think, is something to do with rich formulas (maybe something like if a formula uses a quality that’s never been assigned to the player before). It affects my game a little bit.

Speaking of which, my game’s set to private still, but is still accepting testers. It has over 2,000 storylets now.
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That was a fast reply, thanks! It’s a shame knowing there’s nothing I can do about it.

You can always send FBG a support request…