Branch Ordering

It might just be me, but the branch ordering option seems to be broken. I see that you can assign a numeric value to a branch and also re-order them in the storylet editor. However, neither of those options seem to effect the actually order of the branches in the game play.

It seems to me the branches are showing up in the order they were added to the storylet. Which is fine, but sometimes you want to go back and add branches or change the feel of a storylet.

This function seems like it could be very essential to the feel of a game and just generally helpful.

If I’m missing some piece of the puzzle, what is it?


I know it’s slightly buggy. There’s also an element that storylets will natrually kick branches you qualify for to the top and ones you don’t to the bottom. Could that possibly be messing with your intended order?

I read something about that somewhere, but I seem to be having the opposite thing happen. When I have a branch that I quality for, it shows up at the bottom of the list. Regardless of the ordering number.

Ordering both branches and qualities is bugged and has been for awhile.

Do we know if it is something they are working on?


It couldn’t hurt to submit it as a bug report! :)