Bragging Rights

I’m rather proud of myself: on an Invictus run, with one character, I managed to unlock:

  • Manual of Miracles
  • The Boke of Sharps
  • A Dream of Red
  • Scion
  • The Horizon Codex

My future characters’ runs should be fun. And a lot easier.

Nice one! If you got Boke of Sharps, then the Codex must have been via the Merchant Venturer - even more impressive!

(I’m currently working on a legacy game myself - six characters, one for each background and ambition plus one Shadowy Stranger, each earning one legacy item until the last has all the bonuses. Not, I admit, on Invictus, because having that go wrong would be most vexing.)

Indeed, and thanks.

Started as Shadowy Stranger, did the Sphinxstone runs interspersed with Surface runs to the Anarchists until I unlocked Manual of Miracles, then finished the Anarchists for Boke of Sharps. Was romancing in the background to set up Scion, and then somehow made the check to get the Scarred Sister (really didn’t expect that, but I’ll take it!). Dropped her off for A Dream of Red, did a few runs back and forth to unlock Scion properly, while doing some Merchant Venturer stuff (pretty much everything he asked for was gettable either at Wolfstack or Palmerston, and this character had a lot of money, so I just threw money at the problem). Used the Presbyterate Adventuress to get a Searing Enigma, then realised I had a problem. My Hearts was too low, I didn’t have any Secrets left nor an easy way to get some without travelling far (used an inherited map that was really useful for those money-runs - Salt-Lions directly East of the Cumaean Canal). So … I went to Whither and defied the gods on my way to the Avid Horizon. Because what could go wrong?

As it turned out, nothing. :D

So… kind of a &quotsod all you lot; I’m out of here&quot? With &quotancient and capricious deities&quot for &quotyou lot&quot and &quotthe Unterzee, the Neath and the laws of reality&quot for &quothere&quot?

Exactly! Twas rather good roleplay, really!