Bracing myself for an Expedition

I have 30-some Crates of Supplies, and most of my augmented stats can reach around 120; Shadowy is the highest at 149. Dangerous at 120 should be adequate for most rival challenges, but Watchful is actually one of my weakest, a little shy of 120. I want to go straight for the Tomb of the Seven so I can gain some University connections for a Salon; properly exploring the quarter is something I’m happy to do later.

I did some light research, and it appears that I should explore cautiously unless I want to train Watchful pretty substantially - like, another 50 points or so. That allows me to reach a Thieves’ Catch, possibly even the next destination, without engaging my rivals; but in the time it takes me to reach the Tomb, they should have perhaps 50% more time than they need, so I should expect some nasty business.

From the look of him I feel well prepared to deal with Orthos, and I do happen to collect the right currencies for dealing with Virginia. February still has me overmatched.

I think budgeting 10 supplies per rival I’m concerned about improves the situation considerably; I don’t quite have 100% against Orthos, but with a second chance I’m in good shape. If it comes to chess with February, the best I can do is basically a double coin flip.

The stakes a pretty high here, although I’m able to generate the income to get back in the game if I have to. If it matters, I played the initial storylet for the &quotArchaeologist&quot quality, but this would be my first expedition.

Any feedback? Is it dumb to go for the Tomb on my first run, or with these stats? Should I pack 70+ supplies so I can complete the journey and attempt to bribe three rivals if I have to?

If you stick to the cautious approach, which you should be able to 100% with your 120 watchful, then it should go well. A minimum of 10 supplies per rival should see you through as long as you don’t fail the confrontation, though you should be able to stock up on second chances even during the expedition. I think only Orthos and Virginia are rivals for the tomb of seven, not February, but I could be wrong.

Thank you very much!

It’s definitely very overkill, much waste, but I think I’ll shoot for 60+ supplies and hope I can explore cautiously but embrace confrontation.

February is not involved in the search for the tomb so no worries there.

Good luck!
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Hi. I’ve recently completed tomb of seven twice with two characters. Each had 84 watchful and 40 supplies. Neither ran into any trouble and didn’t need to spend extra supplies.

So don’t worry so much. You’re very much above the expedition level and frankly it’s a little odd you didn’t complete any expeditions before! They’re lots of fun and not as scary as you think.

Oh and I actually believe you need Archaeologist 3 to enter tomb. So a ~5 runs of thieves’ cache will be great to prepare you!
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Your stats should be plenty; as I’ve been pursuing a more scholarly path I did it with less.

You may want to just go ahead and stock up on Supplies beyond what you need, though; extras aren’t wasted, and you’ll probably be heading back to the Quarter for another Expedition eventually.

However, you won’t be able to go straight for the Tomb of Seven. As Danko notes, you need a minimum amount of Archaeologist (gained by successfully completing Expeditions) before you can attempt it. At least those expeditions will give you a better feel for how it all plays out.

Also remember that with enough Second Chances you can eventually succeed in difficult encounters if you’re willing to waste actions Perhaps Notting out of a failure. Chess with February (although I don’t think she’s looking for the Tomb) is a good use of that.

Thank you, everybody!

Everything’s gone as you’d expect based on what was discussed; I set out with about 65 supplies and saw that only one expedition was available to me. I cleared it 3 times and am now giving the Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven a try. It’ll consume more supplies, sure, but this content is absolutely wonderful. Nobody bothered me in pursuit of the Thieves’ Catch, but Orthos has introduced himself now that I’m on an archaeological expedition. Needing progress of 20, I can still outrun him with some confidence, and the stat check to hinder him wasn’t cause for concern. I should reach the Shrine for the first time in the next hour. If the rewards justify it, I might continue with the Shrine. I’ll spend more supplies, but given the ~12k+ secrets that went towards funding my ongoing romp, a pay raise would be nice so I’m not bleeding money. Also, these storylets, maaaaan. It’s almost enough to make me envy those Watchful types, with their shiny shoes. Almost.

It’s been a while, but I believe the Shrine expedition gives 2 CP of Archaeologist, where the Cache only gives 1.

If that’s right, you can open up access to the Tomb with about the same number of supplies doing fewer, longer, more interesting, more rewarding expeditions by going to shrines. And you might get lucky(?) and find a skull.

Shrine does give 2CP and even, sometimes, starts you off with 3 Progress rather than 1. The reward range is higher, though you do sometimes get things you could get for a Thieves Cache (without the bonus of glim or souls).

I don’t know I think you can get the same rewards from Cache as Heaven. Its much harder to break even on costs with Shrine in any case.

You can get lucky - the best is 2 Night Whispers; then a Bottle of Airag (which is wrapped in Parabola Linen sometimes) or a Searing Enigma. So the reward can be 125 echoes though the chance is very slim :)
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My first Shrine yielded a bottle of Airag, and some maps. :)

[quote=lady ciel ]You can get lucky - the best is 2 Night Whispers; then a Bottle of Airag (which is wrapped in Parabola Linen sometimes) or a Searing Enigma. So the reward can be 125 echoes though the chance is very slim :)
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I want to say I got the two night whispers form the Cache. I’m not 100% I’m more confident I’ve gotten Airag from it.