Boss-level Enemies

With the upcoming release of Sunless Sea it seems we’ll be getting 2 more &quotboss level&quot enemies added to a list that once only comprised Mt. Nomad, in the form of the Eater of Names from the Chelonate and the Tree of Ages from Saviour’s Rocks. But will there be any more unique singular enemies?

Is the Behemoustache unique or will there be many of them?

Shoring up London’s influence in Port Carnelian also gets you another mention of the &quotexperimental zubmarine&quot Irrepressible conducting covert operations against approaching Khanate ships in support of London’s Empire, but isn’t the Irrepressible captained by the Set’s Pianolist? Is this band of mad artist-pirates even loyal enough to London that they’d fight for her to spread/protect her influence? Will we get to fight it at some point?

one word: letters of marque[li]
oh wait that’s three words. but [spoiler] could the pirates have hijacked the ship?[/li][li]Also, does anyone know if the midnight whale still a thing? [/li][li]
edited by fortluna on 2/3/2015

Have the Behemoustache and Midnight Whale actually been added into the game, or do we just have concept art to look at and speculate about so far? Because I haven’t ever seen either of those, placeholder or not, and now I’m wondering whether I ought to try harder to go through the few remaining tiles that I simply haven’t bothered visiting on account of no good routes cutting through 'em?

The Behemoustache at least has been animated (along with the Eater of Names), according to Failbetter Games’ Tumblr blog. Probably not going to be added into the game until official release though.

Anybody heard anything about the midnight whale??