Books of Hidden Bodies

Does anyone know if there are alternative means of getting these, like with the Wilmot’s End and War of Assassins storylines? It’s one of the few I haven’t found a good source for, which is rather troubling, since they’re required in great quantity to obtain a landau (the only Sidestreets item I haven’t obtained yet). Perhaps they will become easier to buy after the revamp, but right now I am very unwilling to part with my precious Secrets.
edited by Little The on 1/18/2012

SPOILER: A Book of Hidden Bodies is one of two possible rewards for winning the [color=#ffffff]Tournament of Lilies[/color]. But as that is VERY slow going I’m afraid it’s not a great help…

What, seriously? Augh, I knew there was something good for doing that. That’s far beyond the current capabilities of my current level, though. Just grinding for the items would be easier. -_-
edited by Little The on 1/19/2012