Books of Hidden Bodies

Greetings everyone,
I find myself needing quite a lot of those books for various projects, and the only way to get them (besides sidestreets) seems to be that one card in the flit.
So, I am looking for ways to grind proscribed materials or inklings of identity - I know the one in mahagony hall, but 200 moon pearls for 10 inklings is rather steep, and that’d still be 30 actions… I take the palace cellars card whenever I can, but still, I need 1200 of the blasted things, and I spent all of mine just to get the landau.
Any advice?

“a literary sort of fistfight” in unfinished business in watchmaker’s hill gives a random amount of proscribed materials, reaping the academic benefits (a few quiet seminars) in forgotten quarter gives 21 proscribed materials if you have scholar of correspondence quality.

I think Either “Attend and be Erudite” at the Duchess’ salons or “Publish Poetry in Praise of the Duchess” at the shuttered palace has been updated to give some(?) Inklings of Identity.

Ah, some good options (well, everything is better than -1EPA I suppose) - seems like the forgotten quarter option would be about 8,75 inklings per action, which is better than the duchess options. still inefficient though, I guess that’s why those books are considered so expensive…


Edit: The life of the mind option in the shuttered palace gives 20 proscribed materials, 2 prisoners honey and 1 CP of making waves… interesting, while the Inklings per Action is slightly less than the forgotten quarter option, that will accumulate quite some MW on thee side.
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If I’m not mistaken, Proscribed Materials are so ridiculously expensive because they were used in the original Seeking Mr Eaten content. The price used to be far more reasonable.

Seeking is indeed the reason, but not only the old version. In the new version as well there’s a step which requires the player to have an exact (but unspecified) amount of Proscribed Materials.

The high cost was added so players wouldn’t just easily buy the amount they think they need.

The buying price, while strange, is not really what I’m struggling with, since I’m a hoarder and perpetually broke anyways - but the sheer amount of proscribed materials/inklings needed for those books, and the fact that one seems to need them for all the cool stuff (parthenaeum, landau, scientific journey…)

Most of the other POSI-items I’ve managed to grind so far, but no chance with those things. Ah well, at least I’ll also get like 1-3 points of notability out of the grind now as well.

edit: by grind I mean use stuff like war of assassins, missing woman, soireés etc, instead of crafting them in the sidestreets

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I was using A Literary Sort of Fist-Fight under Unfinished Business in Watchmaker’s Hill when I was grinding Proscribed Material to get my suspicion down. The wiki says it grants 6-45 with each success. I know that’s isn’t a hell of a lot but at least it’s something.