Book of Hidden Bodies?

So i need books of hidden bodies. Lots of them. The current list of plans i’ve got requires 7 of them.
I did some math, and they work out to approximately 1500 proscribed material each to create, that’s 60 echoes worth of selling stuff, or the ungodly amount of 1515 echoes if one were to try to purchase them. Clearly that’s not the way

How do you go about getting these things? According to the wiki there are only two direct sources, one is (afaik) a one time event which grants a single book, and one is a rare result from an uncommon event, so very far from dependable

so what about obtaining the individual components?

Proscribed Materials
Inklings of Identity
Incendiary Gossip
An Identity uncovered

anyone know good places to find these?
My main haunt is A Literary sort of fist fight in watchmaker’s hill, but it’d be nice to mix it up a bit

You can obtain them from finishing the (repeatable) plant-battling tournament, at least, according to the wiki.
I mostly make them from components though. The End Game Grinding - Echo Bazaar page has some pretty good ideas, though I’ve heard it’s out of date.

I always obtained mine through literary fist fights and item conversions as I couldn’t find a faster approach. If you’re just looking for another place to click on things &quotDiscuss politics at a salon&quot in &quotLife of the mind&quot in court is another option for getting proscribed material. Fist fighting is more efficient but not by too much and you get making waves out of it.