Bone Market Change Petition

I’d like to petition to have Mammoth Ribcages unlocked for use as apes and monkeys. Because I want to be able to sell King Kong skeletons. Thank you for your consideration.

I…I cannot help but agree.

And I … cannot help but wonder if this is not a reason why people with Hepta-Goats should be strongly discouraged from monkeying around with skeletons.
edited by Snort on 10/12/2020

I heartily endorse this lunacy.

I also endorse the lunacy.

Hmm… Wouldn’t the mammoth skeleton a little small for king kong? Like the Orcs in Warhammer alway said: &quotBigga is betta!!&quot. Allow us the Levihatan Frame for Apes and Monkeys, for a skeleton worthy of taking the name King Kong. :D

I approve of this monkey business.

I’m game.