Boke of Sharps and Supremacy: the Anarchists

Am I understanding this right? All you need to do is run 7 supplies back and forth between Vienna and London?

… yes indeed, sir! (Irons are one of the easier stats to upgrade without the legacy item. So it makes sense that it’d be relatively easy to get) On a side note. Does the title of this book translate to “Puking Needles”?

Hahaha. Yes. Perhaps it does. I hadn’t thought about that. Would make sense though. You’d be iron-strong if you survived that.

And yeah, I have 130 iron right now, without really trying. I was just thinking about doing some legacy videos, and this seemed far too easy to even warrant one.

Edit. And thank you!
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I was definitely thinking of doing this right before going with the Venturer to travel through Avid Horizon. So for this to work would I have to pick the Venturer up and then deliver the final supply?

I think so, Owen Wulf. He might still be there if you help the Anarchists, but better safe then sorry. Don’t forget the enigma!

I did 4 legacies on a shadowed stranger. I ran sphinxstone; picked up the scarred sister; ran supplies for the anarchists and took the Merchant venturer North.

But I did load the Merchant and his supplies before delivering the last package for the anarchists.