I was wondering about how difficult it currently is to capture ships and thought: Boarding could work for that?


Just a few thought[color=#c2c2c2]s I’d had on the subject, followed by several other interesting and clever suggestions.[/color]
edited by The Dark Gentleman on 1/30/2015

Before the combat change, the difference between pirating a ship and destroying one was the flensing attack. But since the combat rework it just seems like an outdated mechanic. It’s pretty hard to do something like that when all the weapons do more damage to hull than crew.

Do flensing attacks still work, or is it just that the rate of attrition is too high for those to be practical?[li]

AFAICT it’s that flensing weapons still have too much hull damage.

[li]Techincally there is still the option to send stolen ships to Gaider’s Mourn – I haven’t managed it yet, but the option to collect payment for them is there. I think the problem is that flensing weapons still don’t damage crew the way they’re supposed to. I did recall hearing that it was going to be implemented, but so far I can’t get them to work.