Blog: The High Wilderness & a note about stories

[color=#0066ff]Enjoy the latest pre-production blog from Chris, on charting the High Wilderness![/color]

[color=#0066ff]We’ve seen some concern about what Sunless Skies means for Fallen London - whether it represents a definite future for the game.

[color=#0066ff]Fallen London and Sunless Skies share a history, but they’re separate stories. Skies is not the assumed destination of Fallen London. We want to keep exploring this universe for a long time to come: its past, its present, its many possible futures.

[color=#0066ff]While Sunless Skies will explore new regions and new mysteries, Fallen London will keep telling the stories it’s best at: deep, dark, marvelous tales of the Neath, its inhabitants, and its particular secrets. The Neath is a sanctuary for wonderful, terrible things concealed from the Heavens. The Masters, the Mountain, the Bazaar. We still have a feast of Neathy stories for you, delicious friends. Pull up a chair.[/color]

That bit on wells is very interesting!

I always knew space would have a dining car.

This all looks super intriguing - time to refuel the speculation-mobile with all this new info!

Did you imagine it as a British dining car though? Oh, the poor heavens.

This sounds great! Getting more and more excited. And Hannah’s assurance will hopefully goes some way to calm fears :)

I know! Now they too will have to face the awful choice of Crumpets or Kedgeree for breakfast? Fish and Chips or Pie and Mash? and for dessert Sticky Toffee Pudding or Eton Mess? The agonizing decisions!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m feeling peckish, quite unaccountably.

I know! Now they too will have to face the awful choice of Crumpets or Kedgeree for breakfast?[/quote]
Kedgeree? What in the High Wilderness is that?!

Eh, the Judgements had it coming. Maybe that’s why they’re dying off.
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It’s a dish based originally on an Indian one called, I believe kichri (spelling may be off). It’s made of rice, smoked fish (haddock usually), chopped hard-booiled eggs, parsley, chilli, and a dressing of butter or cream. At least in our house. Hotels with pretensions sometimes serve it for breakfast, but my mother made it as a lunch or supper dish.
Brits have a liking for smoked fish at breakfast, see also kippers or smoked haddock solo.
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Locomotives ? Oh, dear Judgements, please make it true, I wanna ride space-trains !

On a lore note, is Book of the New Sun an inspiration for this?

I just assumed it would be treated much like Sunless Sea (in regard to how it related to Fallen London)

It’s not like anyone has destroyed london with a box full of monkey papers, or rode a giant battle crab into the heart of the elder continent.

I was expecting something more Spelljammery, but space trains are cool, too.

I pledged and now I keep logging to Steam to install it, forgetting it won’t be out for a year… it looks that good.