Blind Bruiser not appearing bug

I’m on Steam and updated the game and content to the latest available.

The Blind Bruiser does not show up when I come back to London with an Unstamped Crate of Bottled Souls. At the Harbourmaster bit, the &quotA Blind Bruiser would like a word&quot message appears, but the fellow himself doesn’t show up anywhere. So I have gone and come back a bunch of times with the crate taking up space in my hold.

Does anybody else have this problem? I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the right-hand-side bar of story cards being full to the point where the Merchant Venturer’s card is overlapped by my cameo.

I’ve had that happen when I ran out of fuel coming into port in London. The Desperate Measures tab covered him up and I couldn’t access the Bruiser until I got rid of said tab. Do you have any other open tabs related to a storylet that will disappear after you resolve it? Might help…

Nope, I’d cleared everything.

The problem has gone away now - the guy appears - but I don’t know if it was some random issue or actually fixed with today’s update.

It’s still bugged in my game…

Annnnnd now it’s happening again to me too.
edited by Lashkar on 11/1/2014

I have as well had this issue. In addition, however, I find that when he does appear his payment is infinitely exploitable. That is to say that after one has been paid the can return to that story and recieve the echoes again and again, forever.