Blind Bruiser bug

When I first returned to the Bruiser after delivering the smuggled soul, he paid me… and his storylet didn’t go away. I tried clicking on it again, and got another 200 echoes… and another… and another… and eventually I just said &quotto heck with it&quot and bought a townhouse and the Eschatologue. ^.^

The rogue storylet did vanish once I left port. Of course, now I’m stuck with a half-speed dreadnought because of the crew recruitment bug…

I got that bug as well. Though to my dismay I forgot to abuse it and instead just quit and went back to the main menu which fixed it.

Yep, this has been reported (although last time I emailed w/ FBG, they’re having trouble reproducing it, so I would encourage folks to send in further reports and add to the relevant data).

If anyone gets this bug any time soon and feels like doing some useful work with it, it’d be really valuable for someone to

  1. Get enough money to buy any given ship and engine

  2. Save the game

  3. Buy each ship, put the base starting engine in it, calculate how long it takes to get out of London harbor (i.e., speed), and how long to turn in a full circle (turn time).

  4. do the same for the top-end engine.

[color=#009900]We have now finally found a fix for this. Thanks to all who helped us track it down! Those of you inclined to exploitation, enjoy it while it lasts. ;)[/color]