Bl_ _ _y aspect with fonts

Hi Failbetter team,

Not a bug but a bit of feedback on fonts and style - with current fonts in Sunless Skies words like D__n or Bl__dy are shown like D_ n or Bl _dy.
Maybe I’m being a perfectionist, but those spaces (well, not literally &quotspaces&quot, but empty distances between dashes) do take some of beauty away from Victorian strife for purity of the language. :)

Dear players, if you share this feeling, please leave a short message below (if not - you are also welcome!)
Dear Failbetter, shall you have time and effort (somehow :) ), it would be great to adjust the font.

Many thanks, and good luck! You guys rock!

I agree that the way the censored text looks right now is pretty inelegant, it draws attention to the missing letters by increasing the amount of space the word would otherwise take, making it look like a hangman puzzle instead of normal flowing text. I’ve never read a Victorian era text that had words like that censored in it before, so maybe they were going for authenticity and that’s the way those texts are, but I don’t like it.

Also, yes, very minor. It niggles though.
edited by vulchor on 8/31/2017
edited by vulchor on 8/31/2017

The word you want is &quotkerning&quot.