Bittersweet remnants of Furnace Ancona

It feels a bit strange that I can still ask about whether Furnace Ancona visits a given chapter of the tracklayer’s Union, after I have personally assisted her in becoming a city.
There are some elements of that storyline that are still not done, but I am not sure if that’s why.

I also think it would be very nice if one could more meaningfully visit Furnace in dreams, the current version makes it seem like she is not aware of her fate, and that’s a bit heart-breaking.

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TLC will be continued in the future, worry not!

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There are a few Furnace incongruities in the game at the moment. For example, if you’ve fully “repaired” her face but still have her as a board member, you still get the same text about different voices coming from inside her helmet.
The text for Cornelius also doesn’t change if you’ve helped them both.

For a while you retained Furnace or Cornelius as board members even if you turned one of them into a city. They only fixed that after I reported it. Haven’t gotten round to reporting the other stuff yet…