Beware - Nikolas Pawnbrokers are not to be trusted

Delicious denizens of London,

Of late I have been thrall to terrible nightmares. Desperate for even one night’s satisfactory sleep, I recently visited Nikolas Pawnbrokers in the hope of acquiring some Laudanum. Whilst there, I also decided to purchase some Ablution Solution, as the Constables have been asking some rather worrisome questions (entirely without merit, I might add).

I received my Ablution Solution as expected, but as of yet I am still awaiting my four bottles of Laudanum. It’s been quite a while now, and I’m beginning to worry they have either forgotten my delivery altogether, or that some dratted errand boy has made of with it for himself. Be wary.

If anyone feels they may be of some help I would appreciate some advice on how to rectify this unfortunate situation.

If you have purchased laudanum and don’t have it in your inventory you can submit a bug report to this email:

As a side note I did just successfully purchase laudanum, so I’m not quite sure what happened in your case. Hope it can all get sorted out.

I’ve never had problems making any purchases so far. Maybe a browser issue?

I’d never had any problems up until now either. Don’t know if it’ll have had any bearing, but the “Curiosity” section of my inventory was almost full when I went shopping, although I bought the laudanum before the Ablution Solution and the latter turned up just fine.

I ended up in the mirror marches…

I’ll drop Failbetter a line, cheers for the address.

The number of items in your “Curiosity” section shouldn’t matter, as there’s not an actual limit as far as I know. the listing will just expand to accomodate the new items.

This is definitely bug report territory.